Tender notice: EU reporter / Irish language

We have been contacted by Daithi O hAnluain who is looking for a
journalist willing to take part in a tender for the European
Commission contract.

Daithi works with a Brussels-based communications agency, called ESN,
who fulfill contracts for the European Commission’s research
directorate. Right now ESN is submitting a tender for a communication
service. They need to include an Irish language journalist, ideally
with a familiarity in science or technology who could translate
stories into Irish.

Daithi is looking for an Irish language reporter with a background in
science and a formal degree in journalism to take part in a tender to
the European Commission.

ESN writes:

“Journalists must have a university degree of at least 4 years after
secondary education, including one year in the field of
editing/journalism/communication. A proven experience of three years
in journalism is also requested.”

Please note that this is only a tender submission, and they won’t get
word back until after March 2011.

If you have an interest in taking part in this tender submission
please contact Daithi direct at hanluain@gmail.com.