Do you write for UK based publications? Then you may be missing out

Phil Sutcliffe from NUJ London Freelance branch recently met with ALCS, the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, and as a result, writes the following:

IRISH AND CONTINENTAL COLLEAGUES: here’s something you may know but I didn’t until a couple of days ago – checked with the ALCS chief exec Owen Atkinson re writers “abroad” (ie not living in UK) who write for magazines based in UK can join ALCS and get their share of the resultant photocopying royalties direct so you might like to consider doing that and check out whether this is known among your members and spread the word if not – depending on how much work you’ve published in mags may be a tenner a year, may be 1500 – and it does build up as there’s a constant retrospective element in the payments (goes back three years at the moment I gather).

So if you qualify under the above, best of luck.