Do you work with a lens?

The NUJ’s delegate meeting has decided that there should be a new National Executive position to represent photographers. To elect such a person, the union needs to make sure that its list of photographers is up to date, and for that we need your help. If you have already told the NUJ that you are a photographer, you will be included on this list. Of course, you may consider yourself a photographer, but not yet have told the NUJ, or not be sure that you have told the NUJ.

This is your opportunity to do so. Equally, you may join this electorate at any point in the future, if you tell the membership department that you are a photographer.

Being a part of the electorate to choose this new NEC position will not mean changing your NUJ industrial sector, or branch – it will simply give you the opportunity to vote in this election. Whether you choose to define yourself solely, or partially as a photographer – or other lens-based journalist – is entirely up to you. However, as guidance, the NUJ photographers committee suggests that it would be reasonable to consider yourself to be primarily either a photographer or any other type of lens-based journalist if more than half of your earned income comes from this kind of work.

If this is the case, please email with your details as shown below and your membership record will be updated:

Membership Number:___________________________________
Mobile Number:_______________________________________
PhotographerYes ___(I confirm that I am a photographer or any other type of lens-based journalist and more than half of my earned income comes from this kind of work).