Can you spare five minutes?

The Freelance Fees Guide is one of the most important guides the NUJ produces. It is used daily by the writers and photographers to find out whether the rates they are being offered are in-line with the market average. It is used by commissioning editors to see whether the rates they offer their freelances are fair. And it is frequently referred to by judges to determine market rates in breach of copyright cases. There is no other guide like it in the UK.nujlf

The Freelance Fees Guide is compiled by working journalists, for journalists. Since it was established thousands of you have shared information. But to make the next version of the fees guide as accurate as possible, we are asking for just five minutes of your time.

This year we are asking a very simple question: what rates did you get paid for work during the last two weeks of November ? It’s completely anonymous, and you can share as much or as little information as you like. All that we ask is that you do it soon, before you forget.

It’s a very simple process. For most members, it’ll take less than five minutes of your time, and you can do it quickly, simply and anonymously online here:

By law, the NUJ cannot recommend rates its members should charge or accept – but it can advise what rates other journalists are charging for similar work. This means the fees guide depends on the information NUJ members and other journalists share each year. This is why your help is so important.

The five minutes you spend on completing it will help towards what we hope will be one of the most comprehensive surveys of journalism market rates ever conducted. Every single entry helps us make the fees guide to be as accurate as possible.