Freelance Forum Podcast Series 2020

Because of Covid restrictions, we had to cancel a planned Freelance Forum event in March.

And it’s still not clear if the next Forum in October will go ahead.

But in the meantime, we decided that the Covid crisis warranted something more, so we are putting together a series of Freelance Forum podcasts.

The Forum’s mission is to provide up to date information on new developments, training and insights for freelance journalists in Ireland through a series of one-day seminars.

These interviews won’t replace the Forum, but they will aim to carry out the Forum’s mission, keeping Freelances up to date in a fast changing market.

The Forum, held twice a year, is possible through support from the National Union of Journalists and The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

If you’re a journalist, welcome aboard, and in many cases, welcome back.

If you aren’t a journalist, welcome too. We hope you too may find something of use in these podcasts.

Please do listen and, if you use iTunes, leave a rating. It helps in spreading the word and getting the podcast distributed.

Freelance Forum

You can listen to the Freelance Forum 2020 Series podcasts (and to archives from previous events over the past decade) at the links below.


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