Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 Podcast Series

Aimed at writers, photographers and PR practitioners, and hoping to cover print, broadcast and online media, Freelance Forum is organised by Dublin Freelance NUJ branch with support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

After an extended Covid break during which the Forum was reimagined as a series of podcasts and webinars, the Forum returned to live events in 2022.

The Autumn 2022 event marked the first full day event since Covid restrictions, with a series of podcasts also planned. The Freelance Forum podcasts can be accessed on Apple Podcasts or using any podcast client/podcatcher, or directly from Soundcloud.

Freelance Forum Episode 49:What is Mastodon? with Karlin Lillington

Freelance Forum Episode 48:Investigative Journalism

Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 podcast series, episode 48: Is Investigative Journalism Worth The Effort? Noteworthy Editor Maria Delaney, journalist Conall Ó Fátharta, and Roman Shortall (The Ditch) speak with Fiona Kenny. Recorded live on 1 October at Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 at Grangegorman TUD.

Freelance Forum Episode 47:Transparency International

Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 Episode 47: John Devitt talks about the work of Transparency Ireland on public accountability, and how they work with journalists.
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Freelance Forum Episode 46:The European Parliament

Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 Episode 46: Fionnuala Croker is a press officer at the European Parliament Liaison Office in Ireland, where she has worked since March 2019. She talks about opportunities for freelance journalists in covering the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg. Recorded at the Freelance Forum Autumn 2022 live event on 1 October 2022 in Grangegorman TUD.

Freelance Forum Episode 45: Reporting from Conflict Zones

Journalist Norma Costello talks about reporting from conflict zones, the particular hazards it presents, and the effects of disinformation and propaganda efforts on journalism. You can follow Norma’s Twitter feed at @NormCos.

Freelance Forum Episode 44: Pop Culture and Film Reviews with Darren Mooney.

Darren Mooney talks about writing on popular culture, reviewing and covering comic books, television and film, pitching to overseas publishers, and writing a non-fiction book.
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