Health Journalism Conference and Campaign

The aim of the Second International Conference on Health Journalism is to look at the issues facing the reporting of health and health PR internationally as well as in the UK, and begin to address ways of ensuring all reporters and PRs who have to cover health have enough resources and training.EHJ-logo

  • Health is a massive area – almost every outlet, in any medium, covers health in some way.
  • Health services are increasingly under pressure world wide: the NHS is facing huge cuts and sweeping changes, many of them with no political mandate.
  • Journalists are increasingly asked to ‘cover health’ with no training or support.
  • Specialists are asked to do more and more in less time – relying increasingly on the press release with less time for corroboration: the risk of churnalism
  • PR is a growing area in healthcare – as more private firms bid for lucrative health contracts. Just as public budgets are being cut and pressures on journalists are growing.
  • Is this ‘the perfect storm’ for this vital area of journalism?
  • How will this affect the reporting of health?
  • What are the risks for ‘another Mid Staffs’ (where lives were lost through management obsession over financial targets) being missed?
  • How can ‘the beleaguered generalist’ and the freelance be best prepared and supported to ask the right questions, and get the right answers?
  • Can PR for health be ethical – and how could you tell?

Further details and booking information at European Health Journalism.