Finding work and getting paid for it

A seminar for all freelance and would-be freelance members in Ireland
Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin. November 9th, 1pm – 2:30pm
(entrance Cusack Stand via St Joseph’s Avenue).nuj100

This essential seminar for freelances will address the two most difficult things in their working lives – finding work and then getting paid for it. In a rapidly changing and fragmenting media market there are theoretically more outlets than ever for our work but seemingly fewer than ever which are willing to pay for it.

It seems that everyone is willing to pay for new and better ways of assembling content but not many are willing to pay for the actual creation of the content. And when you do find someone offering money for your work it can be a very difficult task to part them from their cash.

The IEC has organised this seminar to help freelances, both experienced and just starting out, deal with these problems.

Chaired by NUJ President Barry McCall, himself a long time freelance, the seminar will feature contributions from Pamela Morton and Nick McGowan-Lowe.

Nick is a successful freelance photographer who works for a wide variety of clients in Scotland, ranging from small businesses to blue chip companies, shooting high quality corporate, PR and industrial photography: “always on budget, always on deadline, time after time.” Nick will share some of the secrets of his success and how they can apply to all
freelances and not just photographers.

Pamela has more than 20 years’ experience serving the freelance sector and has seen it all when it comes to the gangsters and chancers who try to wriggle their way out of paying for freelance work. Pam will advise on the practical steps which a freelance should take to make sure they get paid for their work – from checking out a publisher with colleagues if working for one for the first time through to maintaining a paper/email trail to help the union chase the
payment for them should that be required.

Members will get an opportunity to put questions to Pam and Nick as well as well as to share their own experiences.

All members welcome. To book your place email before 4pm, Wednesday, November 6, 2013.