Data protection and communication security: How to keep your digital information secure

This event, taking place at the Science Gallery (book here) on 31 August, may be of interest to many of you.

Data protection and communication securityHow to keep your digital information secure

The session will deliver practical techniques with step-by-step instructions to improve the security of your data. We will examine how to protect your computer from spyware and hackers, protect the sensitive files on your computer and how to destroy sensitive information. The workshop will also give practical advice to help keep your internet communication private and secure. We will investigate how to improve the security of your email and instant messaging, as well as techniques to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the internet. Finally we will discuss how to use mobile phones as securely as possible.

This workshop is open to everyone, and will be particularly useful for investigative journalists, activists, members of the NGO community and anyone working with sensitive information.

The speaker:

Wojtek Bogusz is a digital security consultant, providing training and advice to human rights activists on how to increase the privacy and freedom of communication in repressive environments.

He currently works for Front Line  an international foundation for the protection of human rights defenders. He is the co-author and project leader of Security in a Box – a toolkit of software and guides for improving computer security and privacy.

Gavin Sheridan will introduce Wojtek, Gavin is one of the main forces behind Ireland’s biggest FOI (freedom of information act) platforms: , he is also a journalist with

This free workshop is co-sponsored by:

Distilled Ideas, Frontline, The Science Gallery, The and Pixelapes