Crowdsourcing experiment: A draft freelance contract

The question is, what terms do I operate under? I get offered contracts to sign on occasion, and sometimes I even sign them without objecting if they’re well written. Other times, I simply make an oral agreement. Happily, the people I work for are decent sorts, and there’s never been any hassle, but wouldn’t it make sense if I put in writing my terms and conditions. That way, I’ve stated clearly what can otherwise be a confusion of legalese in the Copyright Acts.

So I had an idea. I’d draw up a contract, and since I generally email my work, I’d put a line in my email signature (sig) linking to the webpage holding my contract, something like “All work supplied subject to the term and conditions at

On a whim, I decided to draw up a sample contract. You can read about the process here, and view the first draft here. Any feedback, additions, amendments or criticisms are welcome.

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