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Freelance Forum 19: Simon Cocking of Irish Tech News

Simon Cocking has been Chief Editor at Irish Tech News, and a business mentor and advisor working with over 200 successful companies to date. He has been named on many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months, and…

Setting Up As A Freelance

Financial Journalist Sinead Ryan

When most of us start submitting articles to as many outlets as we can find to commission them, you probably don’t see yourself as a ‘business’. You’re just grafting, trying to earn a few bob and hoping each story won’t…

Freelance Forum 18: Sound+Vision

Philip Cooper from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland talks about the Sound+Vision scheme. The closing date for Round 38 of the scheme is 4 March, and you can find a Copy of the Scheme here Guide for Applicants –…

Freelance Forum 16: Sinead Ryan on Budget 2021

Sinead Ryan

Financial journalist Sinead Ryan talks about finances, taxation, the pandemic payments, and changes as a result of the October 2020 Budget announcements for 2021. dublinfreelance · Freelance Forum 16:Sinead Ryan talks about personal finances

Freelance Forum 14: FAC Magazine

Conall Heussaff and Dylan Daniels talk about FAC Magazine, from editorial directions to innovative approaches to funding. dublinfreelance · Freelance Forum 14: FAC Magazine