Author: Gerard Cunningham

Gerard Cunningham, freelance journalist and site owner

Awards for Dublin Freelance member

Congrats to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, member of Dublin Freelance branch of the NUJ, who was recently voted Best Scottsh Football Website, Best Scottish Football Journalist and Best Scottish Football Article of 2010 in the inaugural Tartan Blog Awards.

New Year reminder

To all the photogs out there: Don’t forget to update all copyright metadata templates to 2011 for Photo Mechanic, Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, digiKam etc.

Getting started as a freelancer – course

NUJ Training January/February Sale: free places for NUJ members on the Getting Started as a Freelancer course on 15 January 2011 and Making Internet Journalism Pay on 26 January. There is also a 50% discount to members on the other…

Hacks & Hackers

Last month, Dublin Freelance branch sponsored Hacks & Hackers Hack, a one day event held as part of Innovation Week, bringing together journalists and computer programmers, and combining their skills to produce news stories from data available, but not always…

Sample contract

I came across this sample contract this morning, it may be of interest to you all. [Link is  to a Word Doc from the International Federation of Journalists website.]

Small claims

I’m not sure I’d advocate going to court to collect a debt. doing so probably means you’ll never work for that client again, but then again, if you feel you have to go to court, they’re probably not worth working…

Migrant media internship programme

Integration minister Mary White today announced details of a new migrant media internship programme for local or regional newspapers which is to be funded by the Office of the Minister for Integration. The new programme will see the office of…

Dublin Freelancer launches self-published book on struggle to save St Luke’s

‘We are working towards developing one of the most advanced networks of radiation oncology in the world’ – National Cancer Control Programme press office. But health analyst and contributor Marie O’Connor, says: ‘Cancer sufferers will soon be treated like commodities,…