Read This First…

This forum is intended for the use of freelance journalists, primarily based in Dublin, but also throughout Ireland,  many of whom are members of Dublin Freelance NUJ branch, to keep in touch and up to date on events of interest to journalists, be they writers,  broadcasters, photographers or whatever, or just to share experiences with each other. How it ultimately evolves is up to you.

My initial vision was that the website would not only provide news of interest to journalists, but that it would also provide a forum for discussions. I experienced with forum software to allow a discussion section in addition to the posts on the front page, but it never took off. As a result, as of now (February 2012) I am discontinuing the forum section. If anyone feels such a service would be worthwhile, I’ve set up a LinkedIn group under the same name. Get in touch if you’re interested in joining.

Possible ideas for the future include contact directories, where freelances can list their services/contact details areas of expertise, and articles for freelances by freelances, sharing tips or insights. If you would like to contribute, get in touch, and I’ll it set up.

Is there anything else you would like to see? Is there an article you would like to contribute to the site? If so, drop me a line at

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Comments on this website are disabled. If you have a point of view, drop a line and the article will be posted to the site.

The site is run by Gerard Cunningham, a Dublin based freelance journalist, not the NUJ.